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The deformation problem of cold forming machine in production

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The deformation problem of cold forming machine in production

Cold bending machine is the main role of metal sheet in accordance with the requirements of the molding equipment, the production of product processing deformation is a common problem, so when encountered this problem should take what measures to solve it?

Cold bending machine is widely used in metal manufacturing metal forming machinery equipment, cold bending machine is widely used, mainly because of its three functions. Today I would like to introduce you to the cold bending machine processing deformation needs to pay attention to matters.

The phenomenon of longitudinal bending of products often occurs in the production of cold bending machine, which will not only affect the work efficiency, but also cause harm to the production personnel. Therefore, after many studies, several measures to prevent deformation are summarized:

When the product is deformed, we should first check whether the quality of the roll is qualified and whether it has reached the service life. If it is for the above reasons, the roll should be replaced in time.

First of all, when designing the cold bending machine, there should be a reasonable distribution of deformation, especially in the last few production processes of the cold bending machine, the deformation can not be too large.

Secondly, in view of the deformation, you can use the side roller and bending roller to pre-bend the profile, which can effectively prevent the cold bending machine in the process of processing the profile arbitrary swing caused by deformation.

Finally, if there is a problem of profile deformation in the production process of cold bending machine, then it is necessary to adjust the distribution of rollers of cold bending machine according to the actual situation. Product deformation can be reduced or eliminated by adjusting roller clearance of each stand, straightening machine, changing rack spacing, using roller, adjusting roller clearance of each stand and other measures.

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