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The efficacy of cold bending machine lubricating oil

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The efficacy of cold bending machine lubricating oil

The most important thing for each manufacturer is the daily maintenance of cold bending machines. However, many manufacturers always ignore a very serious problem, that is, they have not done a good job in the lubrication of cold bending machine. In fact, in the maintenance process, the role of lubricating oil is also very large.

Cold bending machine as a large mechanical equipment, is a hydraulic system as a power source, through driving the movement of the cylinder, finally achieve bending I-steel equipment.

For the lubrication of the machine, according to the time we can be divided into two kinds, indirect lubrication and continuous lubrication. If the machine is running for a long time, then we usually change the lubricating oil once every 3 months or half a year. If the machine runs more frequently recently, the better time for us to replace the lubricating oil is twenty days or a month. Time should be neither on nor slow. During the operation of the machine, observe the main shaft to see if there is oil flow from the nozzle. If there is any, stop the machine maintenance. To avoid other damage to the machine. There is also the process of oil change, we should thoroughly clean the tank, in the absence of clean use of other lubricating oil will cause certain damage to the bearing of the machine.

Now there are many kinds of machinery and equipment, and the varieties of lubricating oil required for them are also diverse. Hydraulic oil is one of them, which is used to transmit power to the hydraulic system of cold bending machine. The diesel engine drives the hydraulic oil pump to do work on the hydraulic oil, and then through the hydraulic oil to do work on other hydraulic power parts, and finally achieve the purpose of dispersive transmission of a diesel engine power to each component. It also has the function of anti-wear and oxidation of hydraulic components. It is usually made by deeply processing petroleum and other minerals and adding some specific resistant materials. At present, this hydraulic oil has been widely used in all aspects of our life, has become a necessity of machinery.

According to the actual needs to choose the most suitable lubricating oil, this is to better improve the use efficiency of machinery and prolong the service life of machinery, through the above content, I hope every customer can pay attention to the role of lubricating oil, if you have any questions, please contact us.

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