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The future development trend of cold bending machine

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The future development trend of cold bending machine

Cold-formed steel industry as one of the deep processing of steel, its process is not only cold bending (roller pressing) forming, but also a set of welding, punching, heat treatment and other processes of cross-industry, interdisciplinary comprehensive industry. Among cold-formed profile products, welded round pipe is the largest, with a output of more than 60 million tons in China. The pressure plate, profile in Our country is also developing rapidly, in the automobile, bridge, logistics, energy, machinery, and other fields have a wide range of applications. With the development of China's economy, there is more application space for cold-formed profiles in various industries in China in the future, so there is more demand for the automation of equipment and the application of new processes and technologies. Cold bending industry has good development prospects, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1.the improvement of technology and equipment level: in recent years, the technical and equipment level of cold bending machine has been improving, each enterprise through independent research and development or the introduction of advanced equipment, so as to continuously improve their equipment level, process and technology, to achieve the goal of efficient production of high-quality products.

2. Enhanced industry communication and information sharing: the development of cold bending industry has intensified the competition among enterprises; Competition has brought two benefits to the development of the industry, one is to promote the development of the industry, the other is to accelerate the exit pace of backward enterprises. After years of competition, enterprises have realized that only through communication and information sharing between industries can they give full play to their advantages and promote the overall progress of the industry.

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