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The importance of elevator rails

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The importance of elevator rails

The reason why the elevator can smoothly run up and down, in addition to the core operation system control, but also need an auxiliary operation equipment, the equipment carrier is the elevator guide rail. According to its definition, guide rail is an important benchmark component of vertical elevator, automatic elevator and automatic sidewalk steps. It controls the running track of elevator car, escalator and automatic sidewalk steps to ensure the transmission of operation signals. At the same time, it is an important component related to elevator safety and operation quality. Therefore, when installing the elevator, it is necessary to choose high enough quality track materials to ensure the normal operation of the elevator. The importance of the elevator track is obvious.

The importance of guide rail is analyzed from two aspects of elevator safety and comfort.

1) Security. The material of elevator guide rail is the main factor affecting the safety of elevator. Guide rail material is too hard or not uniform (partial too hard), clamping will not get enough friction when clamping, will cause brake failure, the most serious working condition in the elevator accident of the car falling. The guide rail should also have enough strength to ensure the support of the car and impact force when the safety clamp is moving.

2) Comfort level. There are several factors affecting the comfort level of elevator guide rail:

A. Connection accuracy of guide rail: the connection accuracy of solid guide rail is guaranteed by the end size of guide rail and the symmetry of Yin and Yang tenon. The connection accuracy of hollow guide rail and escalator guide rail is guaranteed by the end size and shape and position tolerance of guide rail. The connection accuracy of guide rail directly affects the stability and comfort of elevator operation.

B. Guide guide surface roughness: guide guide surface roughness directly affects the smooth operation of guide boots on the guide surface, and also affects the storage of lubricating oil, thus affecting the operation quality of the car.

C. Straightness and distortion of the guide rail: bending and distortion at any point on the guide rail will give a side force to the car, affecting the linear motion of the car up and down, making the car have a sense of shaking. As the elevator speed increases, the car will have a sense of vibration, thus affecting the comfort level.

With the development of science and technology, elevator guide rail in the use of the process can also be more environmental protection and energy saving, then need to make further research and exploration on the basis of the investment of elevator energy-saving device. In any case, with the increase of people's demand for elevator guide, in-depth attention, technological innovation and long-term exploration, I believe that as the basic carrier of elevator operation, the role of elevator guide will only become stronger and stronger in the future.

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