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The working function of cold bending machine equipment

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The working function of cold bending machine equipment

The cold bending machine equipment has the principle of uniform force in each pass, which can extend the service life of the roll. In the production should be designed to balance the force, accurate processing, convenient device adjustment. The cold bending machine ensures the strength of the raw material, improves the quality of the supporting steel arch frame, greatly improves the working efficiency, the operation is simple and clear. By comparison, both have excellent performance.

Cold forming is a new process and technology of sheet metal forming with material saving, energy saving and high efficiency. Using this process, not only can produce high quality section steel products, and can shorten the product development cycle, improve the production power, so as to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.

General cold forming process: sheet forming, roll forming and continuous forming, joint forming.

Sheet forming process is to cut the sheet into a specified length in advance, and then feed the sheet into the molding machine through the material selection roller. The profile after rolling can be directly collected into the warehouse, especially suitable for the plate forming after cutting easy deformation products, mostly used in small batch production. Its advantage is simple equipment, low investment, small area.

Roll forming and continuous forming process is basically the same, their differences are: continuous forming plate connection is necessary welding, so that the plate continuous forming processing; And roll forming is a single roll supply. These two processes require large equipment investment and area.

Combined forming process is the processing of special steel forming process, steel forming process has special requirements, need to have mixed forming equipment, suitable for the processing of dry high strength sheet. Equipment requirements clutter, high investment.

In recent years, as an important structural part, cold-formed steel products have been widely used in many fields, such as construction, automobile production, shipbuilding, electronic industry and mechanical production. Its products range from ordinary guide rails, doors and Windows and other structural parts to some special profiles made for special use, and the types are extremely wide.

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