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Use cold bending machine to be careful which faults occur

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Use cold bending machine to be careful which faults occur

In the use of cold bending machine, I believe you will meet more or less a little trouble, because do not understand the repair, in the process of the factory after inevitable waste of time, delay time limit for a project, sometimes cause significant losses, so in the use of cold bend forming machine, to prevent the emergence of some failure, the following is our summary of the common small fault.

First, if you feel that the fuselage is shaking, you must look quickly at this time to see whether the bolts and other parts are loose, if so, to tighten in time. If the hydraulic pump pressure is low, adjust to the normal condition. But there are also circumstances that can not be adjusted, so it may be hydraulic damage, need to repair or replace.

Second, the motor does not turn: this fault is generally caused by circuit blockage and fuse burning. If you can switch on the circuit according to the drawings and replace the fuse, if you do not understand the circuit, wait for the guidance of the factory to solve.

Third, there is no pressure or pressure in the oil pressure system. This problem is mainly caused by four reasons:

Gear pump rotation direction is not correct, processing method, gear pump rotation reversing.

Oil pump damage, treatment method, contact Yulong to replace the oil pump or repair.

Overflow valve blocked goods wear, treatment method, replacement valve or repair

Hydraulic oil deterioration or pollution, treatment method, deterioration of the replacement of hydraulic oil, contaminated hydraulic oil filtration.

The pressure gauge is damaged. Change the pressure gauge.

Fourth, sometimes the use of I-steel cold bending motor overheating, generally the voltage is too low or motor stator damp, please check the voltage is too low, find out the reason for processing, motor stator damp will need to contact repair motor.

Fifth, the working cylinder has a buffer but no pressure, because there is air in the cylinder, it is good to work a few times to empty the air in the cylinder.

Sixth, the reversing mechanism fails, which is due to the damage of the hydraulic valve reversing switch, which can be replaced or repaired. Another possibility is that the hydraulic valve is blocked, and the solution is to clean it with gasoline.

Seventh, the control valve is also need to check often, often cleaning this work must be done. Good and serious cleaning of the valve of the cold bending machine will reduce wear. If the wear is more serious, it must be replaced as soon as possible. Take a look at the clearance of the spool, if it is large, it will affect the normal use.

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