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What are the important issues involved in cold-formed steel equipment?

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What are the important issues involved in cold-formed steel equipment?

For cold-formed steel equipment, it can be said that its application is very wide, because it is often seen in industrial production activities. In addition, its main purpose is to produce a common material cold formed steel. So what are the main concerns of customers about cold-formed steel equipment?

1. In cold-formed steel equipment, what is the difference between i-steel cold bending machine and other cold bending machine?

In cold bending steel equipment, cold bending machine is one of the commonly used types, and for I-steel cold bending machine, it is mainly between other cold bending machine type and structure. As for the rest, there is not much difference.

2. Is there a difference between the combination die roll and combination roll in the cold-formed section unit of cold-formed section equipment?

Because it is a combination of mold roller, that is, according to some requirements will be different coil together, forming a process. A combination roll is a combination of different materials to form a forming roll as part. So these two are different.

3. Can cold-formed hollow steel be used for mechanical structure? Is it made of cold-formed steel equipment?

The structure is made of cold-formed hollow steel, which can be used for mechanical structure, and its use effect is very good. In order to produce this type of steel, cold-formed steel equipment can be used and very good processing results can be obtained.

For cold-formed steel equipment, the above questions and answers and the content involved are very worthwhile for all of us to carry out and master, because it can increase some professional knowledge, and for this correct understanding of the equipment also has great benefits.

As for cold-formed steel equipment, through previous research, we can know that it is mainly used for the production of cold-formed steel with different cross-section shapes and sizes, which is a kind of equipment for the production of steel. So what new equipment should be added to the existing knowledge for this type of mechanical equipment?

1. What are the main raw materials used to produce cold-formed steel equipment?

For cold-formed steel equipment manufacturers, this question is not difficult to answer. The raw material produced is hot rolled or cold rolled steel strips, which are then bent and molded in the equipment to form finished steel products of various cross sectional shapes and sizes.

2. Are there many types of cold-formed steel equipment? Like i-steel cold bending machine, does it belong to cold bending steel equipment?

There are many types of cold-formed steel equipment, which can be said to be various. If the material is tube and rod, a pipe bender and a pipe bender can be used. Its general equipment includes punches and presses. I-steel cold bending machine belongs to cold bending steel equipment, existing I-steel 160 cold bending machine, I-steel 200 cold bending machine and I-steel 250 cold bending machine.

For cold-formed steel equipment, several related questions are raised and specific and detailed answers are provided so that everyone can thoroughly understand.

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