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What faults should be prevented by using cold bending machine

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What faults should be prevented by using cold bending machine

With the development of The Times, the use of cold bending machine is more and more widely, the application of more and more fields, it can be said that the existence of cold bending equipment, reduce our working time and labor cost. However, in the use of cold bending equipment often appear some problems, in fact, these problems are man-made preventable. So, what faults should be prevented by using cold bending machine?

Before the first use, we must choose a flat cabinet table to expand and place, to ensure that the equipment to avoid stable, and then open the main box foot, and easy to expand the observation. Then insert the power plug into the control panel, and expand the rotation grasp. Second, one end of the power plug into the master box behind the control panel, in addition to the end of the plug into the switching power supply, and the rule of the general use of single-phase electric three-line switching power supply, according to certain methods to expand the actual operation, and adjust to a certain value. After that, until the bright green indicator lights up and there is a reminder sound, the next work is started, which is the sealing work, then check the quality of the seal, and carry out the actual operation according to different materials to ensure the quality of the seal is better.

In the tunnel construction, when the arch is processed, it is necessary to use the cold bending machine. After its use, it can show the strength of steel and play a good role. Compared with the traditional approach, the operation is more simple and convenient, improve the work efficiency, save manpower and material costs.

In the use of cold bending machine, there may be some faults, such as if the fuselage is shaking, at this time, we must look quickly to see whether the bolts and other parts are loose, if so, to tighten in time. If the hydraulic pump pressure is low, adjust to the normal condition. But there are also circumstances that can not be adjusted, so it may be hydraulic damage, need to repair or replace.

The control valve also needs to be checked frequently, and it must be cleaned regularly. Good and serious cleaning of the valve of the cold bending machine will reduce wear. If the wear is more serious, it must be replaced as soon as possible. Take a look at the clearance of the spool, if it is large, it will affect the normal use.

All the above measures are conducive to the prevention of the failure of the cold bending machine, before use, use and after use should always pay attention to, in order to increase the service life of the cold bending machine, reduce the number of maintenance, etc.

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