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Why should we test the cable tray forming machine

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Why should we test the cable tray forming machine

Cable tray molding machine working principle is simple now, during the use of equipment for material processing, the material will be boosted by auxiliary equipment between roller, the starter will now run, and on the material for cold bending forming operation, entering this during the production process, material will be bent slowly into the specified arc, After meeting the requirements, the device will stop operation. During the cold bending operation of the material, the processing method is relatively simple and the staff can master the operation method in a short period of time, so the application rate of this equipment is very high.

Debugging bridge equipment is for the normal operation of equipment and the safety of operators. In the case of no-load, test machine for a certain time, in this certain time if there is no abnormal situation can continue to work, if there is no test link, direct work. An abnormal situation could seriously damage the equipment and possibly put the operator at risk. The actual time is usually a few minutes, not very long. The project schedule can not bring much loss, so the test machine before the cable bridge forming machine is important.

Cable tray forming machine equipment is numerous, only in operation can find the problem. However, if there is abnormal load, it will cause great damage to the equipment. So empty load testing machine is better.

1. Test and check the balance cylinder action of cable tray forming machine and oil circuit and joint of oil lubrication system.

2. The friction between the slide block of the cable bridge forming machine and the guide rail is more frequent. Necessary adjustment and correction should be made to check the lubrication and pipeline of the joint part for good operation.

3. Lubricate the gear part of cable tray forming machine regularly: the possibility of damage to the gear transmission box and internal parts is greater because of frequent operation, and the possibility of loosening is greater.

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