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Wish you a happy New Year

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Wish you a happy New Year

Another half a month is China's traditional festival - the New Year, The New Year is one of China's major festivals, on this day we celebrate the arrival of the New Year, here cold bending machine  manufacturers wish you a happy New Year! The origin of the New Year is different.

Legend has it that in ancient times, there is a terrible monster, living in the mountains, people call this monster "nian". It eats everything, whether it is birds and beasts or scales of insects, and even people, to make people talk about "year" color.

Later, people understood the law of its activity. It appears every 360 days, comes to the place where people live and eats them, and then returns to the mountains. Calculating the date of nian's appearance, people called this period "Nian guan". On the thirtieth night of the twelfth lunar month, Nian arrived at a village where two shepherd boys were having a bullwhip contest. "Suddenly heard in the air sounded the crack of whip, scared to flee. It fled to another village, and looked up to a door basked in a big red clothes, it did not know what it was, scared quickly turned to escape. Later it came to a village, a look at the door of a person, I saw the brilliant lights inside, thorn it dazed, had to slip away with his tail. People thus touch the "year" is afraid of loud, afraid of red, afraid of light weakness, they think of many ways to resist it, every night to this day, every family are ready for dinner in advance, turn off the fire stove, and then the chicken pen all tied up, the front and back doors of the house are sealed, hiding in the house to eat "New Year's Eve dinner".

Because the dinner is uncertain, so to do very rich, the whole family around the dinner to express peace and reunion, but also before eating for the first ancestor worship first, pray for the gods of the ancestors bless, safely through the night, after dinner, who dare not sleep, crowded sit together chat emboldened. It gradually formed the habit of staying up on New Year's Eve.

In the New Year is coming, cold bending machine manufacturers will continue to strive to do better products, with better products to feedback the majority of users' support and love, cold bending machine manufacturers wish you a happy New Year, in the New Year I wish you all the best, business is thriving, financial resources widely enter! Wish you a happy and wonderful life, career success on the road, family harmony lively, sweet feelings reliable!

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