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C Shape Roll Forming Machine

Widely used to produce various kinds of c z u j channel. Also used in many kinds of industrial factory, civilian buildings, and wall board for attached part product. It has advantage of pretty appearance, durable using and so on.
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C Shape Roll Forming Machine


The High Performance CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine is a versatile and efficient machine used for producing high-quality CZ purlins in various sizes and lengths. This machine is designed to create strong, durable purlins that can be used in constructing roofs, walls, and other applications in the building industry.

Cold forming equipment is an essential part of manufacturing since it can turn raw materials into finished products that can be used in various industries. Here are some useful sections of cold forming equipment:

1. Roll Forming Machines: Roll forming machines are used to fabricate various types of metal sections like channels, angles, and tubes. These machines use a series of roller dies to bend and shape the metal into the desired profile. Roll formers can produce an array of profiles, including custom ones. They are particularly useful for high volume production runs since they can maintain tight tolerances and produce consistent quality.

2. Tube Mills: Tube mills are used to fabricate tubes of different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Tube mill machines use a series of dies to shape and form the tubes out of steel, stainless steel, and other materials. Various types of tubes, including round, square, rectangular, and oval tubes, can be produced using tube mills.

3. Cold Heading Machines: Cold heading machines are used to form heads on fasteners like bolts, screws, and rivets. These machines take a blank, feed it into a die, and then form the head through a series of punches and strikes. Along with forming the head, cold heading machines can also perform cutting, drilling, and chamfering operations.

4. Swaging Machines: Swaging machines are used to reduce the diameter of a tube or bar by compressing it into a die. The process is typically used to join two sections of tube by creating a mechanical joint. Swaging machines are used in various industries, including aerospace, construction, and automotive.

5. Wire Drawing Machines: Wire drawing machines are used to draw raw wire through a die to produce wire of a smaller diameter. The process is used to improve the strength, quality, and surface finish of the wire. Wire drawing machines can be used to draw various materials including steel, copper, brass, and aluminum.

Overall, cold forming equipment enables manufacturers to create high-quality metal sections, tubes, and fasteners with excellent precision, strength, and durability. The use of these machines is critical in reducing waste, improving efficiency, and saving costs while ensuring the optimum production output.

Technical Specifications


Weight 5000-20000 kg
Size 6500-35000*1400*1500 mm
Power 8.5-41 kw
Strip Material Material Q235 Q355 Q390
Width of Strip 80-500 mm
Thickness of Strip 1.0-2.0 mm
Mill Length ≤10 m
Rolling Speed 0-25 m/min


Zhangjiagang City Zhangyun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is established in 2002, manufacturer of elevator guide rail processing production line machinery, cold roll forming line machinery and high frequency tube welding line machinery.


Quality Oriented,Technology Innovation is our core concept. Each component of our machines is examined and qualified before assembling; each set of our equipment is fully test run before delivery.


1.Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are manufacture and trading company.
2.Q: What info you need before you make the proposal?
A: The pipe diameter and thickness range which you need or the profile drawings, material information, your special requirements.
3.Q: What is the MOQ?
A: One set.
4.Q: Do you provide installing and debugging overseas?
A: Overseas machine install and worker training services are optional.
5.Q: Can you make the machine according to my design or prototype?
A: Yes, we have an experienced team for working out the most suitable design and production plan for the machine that you are going to book with us.
6.Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A: There is no tolerance regarding quality control. Quality control complies with ISO 9001.Every machine has to past testing running before it's packed for shipment.
7.Q: How can I trust you that machines pasted testing running before shipping?
A: 1) We record the testing video for your reference.
    2) We welcome you visit us and test machine by yourself in our factory.
8.Q: What about our after-sale service?
A: We provide technical support on line as well as overseas services by skillful technicians.
9.Q: What should I do if I just start a new business?
A: Contact us immediately ,we provide free consultant pre-sales service.Also we can help you to solve the material(steel coil)purchase,worker train,international market price.
10.Q: Can I visit you factory to check machines on-site ? What Should I bring when I visit your factory?
A: We are manufacturer, and we welcome customers to visit our factory. For special product design and develop, we request you bring a piece of testing material, you can test on our machines on-site.


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