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What Is Roll Forming Machine

Cold roll forming machine is a machine that continuously bends the coils, strips and other metal plates and strips laterally to form a plastic processing technology of specific cross-section profiles through the multi-pass forming rolls arranged in sequence.

Different Types Of Roll Forming Machines

Elevator profiles cold roll forming machine
Building profiles cold roll forming machine
Furniture profiles 
cold roll forming machine

Car profiles 

cold roll forming machine

Warehouse logistics 
cold roll forming machine

How To Operate The Roll Forming Machine

Cold bending roll forming machine is a new type of equipment for processing and manufacturing the tunnel supporting steel arch frame. It consists of base, mechanical transmission, roll forming system, hydraulic system, electrical control system and auxiliary system etc six parts. When working, the section steel to be cold-formed is pushed between the two active rollers by the door bracket of the auxiliary system, and the hydraulic system is activated to make the hydraulic cylinder push the dovetail groove and the cold-formed roller cold-formed steel, and take off it when reaching the arc required by the design.And the mechanical transmission system is started to make the active roller rotate and rely on friction to drive the section steel to move forward steadily and slowly, so as to realize continuous cold bending operation. After cold roll forming is done, closing the mechanical transmission system and starting the hydraulic system at the same time to retract the hydraulic cylinder. Placing the cold-formed steel on the door bracket of the auxiliary system. This cold bending operation ensures the strength of the material, improves the quality of the supporting steel arch, greatly improves the work efficiency, and the operation is simple and clear. Compared with the press, the cold bending roll forming machine has good working performance.

The Application Of 

Roll Forming Machine

 Provide users with advanced cold roll forming machines with multiple materials, multiple thicknesses and multiple shapes
Provide flexible system solutions that integrate welding, 
Punching to automatic packaging and other production processes in the cold bending process.

Professional Roll Forming Machine Manufacturers

Patents and trademarks: Our company currently has more than 20 new products. By August 2018, the application for invention patents has been completed and 47 invention patents are registered. 1 registered trademark.
Zhangyun Machinery has been certified by the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system in 2009, applied to become a “High-tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province” in 2014, and became a “Zhangjiagang Engineering Technology Research Center” in 2016. In 2017, it successfully applied for a postgraduate workstation in Jiangsu Province.

Information About Roll Forming Machine

  • Can I visit your factory to check machines on-site ? What Should I bring when I visit your factory?

    We are manufacturer, and we welcome customers to visit our factory. For special product design and development, we request you bring a piece of testing material, you can test on our machines on-site.
  • What should I do if I just start a new business?

    Contact us immediately ,we provide free consultant pre-sales service.Also we can help you to solve the material(steel coil)purchase,worker train,international market price.
  • What about our after-sale service?

    We provide technical support on line as well as overseas services by skillful technicians.
  • How can I trust you that machines pasted testing running before shipping?

    1) We record the testing video for your reference
    2) We welcome you to visit us and test machines by yourself in our factory.
  • How does your factory do regarding quality control?

    There is no tolerance regarding quality control. Quality control complies with ISO 9001.Every machine has to pass testing running before it's packed for shipment.

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