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Drawer guide cold bending machine
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Our company is specialized in manufacturing cold bending equipment, high frequency welded pipe equipment, elevator guide auxiliary processing equipment and non-standard automatic production line

A solid pioneer in the field, to provide users with flexible solutions, these solutions combine more advanced design concepts and laboratory instrument testing system.

It can provide users with advanced cold bending machines with multi materials, multi thickness and multi shape, and provide flexible system solutions integrating welding, punching, automatic packaging and other production processes in the cold bending process.
Our high-performance roll forming system can process a large number of different types of high-quality profiles. High quality design team, modular combination of machine concept, precise process production technology, ensure the high reliability, safety and economy of the production line. A variety of automation modules and specific supporting technologies enable us to integrate various related production processes to meet the different needs of users. The rapid replacement of machine modularization can help users solve the production demand of single machine and multi product, and improve the economic performance of the machine in the whole production process.
Zhangjiagang Zhangyun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 2002 with a registered capital of 5 million, is a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province.At the beginning of the business, relying on local resources...MORE+



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