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Cold Roll Forming Machine For Photovoltaic Bracket

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Cold Roll Forming Machine For Photovoltaic Bracket


Solar energy is a sustainable and renewable source of power that has the potential to revolutionize our energy needs. With the increasing demand for clean energy solutions, the solar photovoltaic industry has been growing rapidly. One of the essential components of a solar panel installation is the mounting bracket. 

The advantages of using a roll forming machine are numerous. Firstly, the machine is highly efficient, producing brackets at high-speed rates with minimal waste and downtime. Secondly, the machine is built to exact specifications, ensuring that every bracket produced is identical in size and shape, resulting in better structural integrity and performance of the solar panels. 

Furthermore, the solar photovoltaic bracket roll forming machine can be customized to suit various customer requirements. This feature makes it possible for manufacturers to produce brackets customized to different panel sizes, different thickness of panels, and various types of installations, including rooftop solar panel installations and ground-mounted solar panel installations. This flexibility of customization makes the brackets suitable for use in various installation conditions and locations. 

In conclusion, the solar photovoltaic bracket roll forming machine is a game-changer for the solar energy industry. It has enabled manufacturers to produce high-quality brackets with consistent accuracy, resulting in better performance and improved structural integrity of solar panel installations. As we continue to embrace renewable energy sources, we can count on the roll forming technology to improve the efficiency and quality of solar panel installations.



Equipment Specifications

Feeding Direction
From Right to Left
380V, 3Phase, 50Hz
Roller die material
Cr12, quenched, hardness about HRC60°46#
Gear Oil
18# Hyperbolic gear oil
Strip material material Q235/SUS304
Width of Strip 100 mm~600 mm
Thickness of Strip
1.0 mm~3.0 mm
Mill length
10 m
Rolling Speed
0~20 m/min





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