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2022 cold bending machine industry development prospects

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2022 cold bending machine industry development prospects

First of all, to understand the composition of the equipment, he does not specifically refer to a single machine, but by the composition of a number of machines, mainly including the host, looper, uncoiler, straightening machine and other machines. Cold forming is a new process and technology of sheet metal forming which is material saving and energy saving. Using this technology, not only high quality section steel products can be produced, but also the cycle of product development can be shortened, the production efficiency can be improved, so as to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. As an important structural part, cold forming products have been widely used in many fields.

At present, the cold bending equipment technology is in the stage of rapid development, in recent years, the main domestic cold bending forming process technology and equipment level has entered the advanced team, for the realization of the rapid development of cold bending steel industry has laid a solid foundation. Most of the forming units generally adopt the roller type, professional air bending forming FFX large units have been built in China. With the in-depth study of cold forming theory, the forming process of cold forming steel is also in continuous innovation, has produced four roller forming, flexible cold forming, CAT forming, "roller punching" hole processing method and other new cold forming process.

As domestic cold-formed molding equipment manufacturers of technical equipment level, continuously improve the enterprise combining with their own situation, through independent research and development or for reference, make oneself of the equipment technical level rising, continuously improve production technology, has prompted a group of high speed rolling mill, scale, efficiently, intensive is gradually carried out, To achieve the goal of high efficiency and high quality products.

The change of supply and demand of raw materials for cold bending equipment will affect the balance of supply and demand. The demand of raw materials for cold bending equipment includes consumption, export, etc. At a certain price level of raw materials for cold bending equipment, when the planned supply is equal to the planned demand, the market will realize the balance between supply and demand. Otherwise, the market supply and demand of raw materials for cold bending equipment will be unbalanced.

In recent years, the rapid development of domestic industrial production, the demand for cold bending equipment is also increasing, manufacturers have also obtained a very good development, resulting in the price of cold bending equipment shows a trend of rising, rising space is huge. Cold bending forming equipment according to specifications, quality and other aspects of different, different customer needs, the price gap is large, cold bending equipment production line price in more than one million yuan.

Different pricing will reflect different prices of products in the market. There are many factors affecting the price of domestic cold bending equipment, including internal factors and external factors; There are subjective factors and objective factors. To sum up, there can be product cost, market demand, competitive factors and other factors in general four aspects.

With the continuous improvement of skills, the production of cold formed steel is more and more beautiful appearance, energy saving and environmental protection, economic applicability, convenient installation, making the application of this profile is more and more widespread, has broad prospects for development.

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