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Characteristics of high frequency pipe welding machine

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Characteristics of high frequency pipe welding machine

High-frequency welding machine and induction heating technology are the most efficient and fastest heating technology for metal materials, and low consumption and environmental protection. By the pipe, such as the trust of the industry, is the replacement of welded pipe high frequency products, it is also a big change in China's high frequency market.

Compared with seamless pipe, welded pipe production is mainly characterized by strong continuity, high efficiency and low cost, while its raw material strip production development is relatively rapid, welded pipe in the whole pipe proportion is also more and more large.  Hf pipe welding equipment has the characteristics of no pollution and low noise in terms of production efficiency and economic benefits, and will not produce waste water and waste gas.  Circulating water cooling is used in production, which not only saves energy and environmental protection, but also saves labor costs.  In this paper, the main characteristics of high-frequency pipe welding machine are summarized as follows:  

1, full automation, simple operation: with the improvement of technology, automatic production and replace semi-automatic production.  

2, stable performance: the strength of the stability of the machine can affect the efficiency of the machine to produce pipes  

3, high precision of pipe making: automatic production, can better control the precision of pipe making, so that the production of pipes to meet the different needs of customers.  

4, high yield: yield is a test of whether a manufacturer is bigger and stronger, but also need to test the performance of the machine and the technology of the master.  The organic combination of these three can bring greater benefits to the company's long-term development.  

5, durable: good equipment, in a few years after use can be good or bad.  

According to the different needs of customers, the company carries out personalized customized services, we believe that every customer served by the company can get the best return.

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