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Cold forming steel machine development

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Cold forming steel machine development

Cold forming equipment originated in 1838, Russia, the United States, Britain and other use press or cold drawing machine to produce single steel products, which is the prototype of cold forming steel unit. In 1910, the United States took the lead in the construction of cold-formed steel units, resulting in continuous cold-formed forming process, cold-formed steel began to form industrial production, so it went to the world stage.

In our country, since the late'50 s construction since the cold bending unit, experienced a tortuous process of development, adjustment, only six, in the late 70 s, 80 s rapid development of cold bending steel in China, the annual output 16000 tons, 1982 to 1989, more than 20 manufacturers across the country, to more than 30, ten thousand tons of production development, design capacity of more than 60, ten thousand tons, Among them, there are 14 key metallurgical plants and 45 sets of units. Cold-formed steel varieties and specifications are also increasing, reaching more than 800 kinds now.

The development of cold forming equipment in recent years can be described as leaps and bounds, For cold bending forming equipment available at first time, actually already occupied our whole major field of molding equipment, and the cold bending forming equipment throughout the equipment industry has played a very important part of, is a relatively important domestic industries, whether it is on the strategic, still played a very important role on the basis, the main is a cold bending The production capacity of type I equipment can directly affect the level development of Chinese manufacturing industry.

China has been focusing on the development of environmental protection equipment in recent years, while the awareness of environmental protection will become the mainstream of China's later years. In the development trend of environmental protection equipment, cold forming

Equipment has undoubtedly become the mainstream of the whole market, but also led to the development of cold formed steel equipment, of course, the direction of development is the focus of application needs, must realize the use of a variety of functions of a product. The first thing to put an end to is the coordination of punching.

So with the vigorous development of the whole environmental protection market, cold forming equipment will be more and more important, for cold forming equipment, common forming methods mainly include pressing, forging, extrusion and welding methods to make the equipment can be formed. And the method to explain the forming method of molding equipment, according to the forming method, we can not ugly, if you want to enable equipment to simple shape, we need to use the molding equipment, and the equipment is we have no way to own processing and manufacturing, so we need to buy some off-the-rack a good molding equipment manufacturers. Large manufacturers are constantly developing new products and materials, and the hot rolled steel is gradually using cold formed steel, which is believed to be obvious to everyone.

The development of cold bending equipment can be described by thunder than the ear, their advent, occupy many aspects of domestic application. Because it has a lot of different functions. It can produce all kinds of profiles with uniform wall thickness and complex section shape and cold formed steel of different materials which are difficult to produce by general hot rolling method. Product finish, appearance, size and so on can have a lot of control and can be adjusted according to their own needs. Production can also be combined with punching and other processes to meet different needs. General cold bending equipment of various shapes, in terms of materials can be very economical, no extravagance and waste. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the technology of the domestic cold bending industry equipment level, the enterprises combine their own factory conditions, through independent research and development or the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, so that their own equipment level is constantly improved, the production process is constantly improved, the technical ability is constantly improved, promote the development of a number of high speed rolling mill.

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