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Features of Elevator Profile Cold Bending Machine

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In the elevator manufacturing industry, elevator profile cold benders are often used to make the materials available for elevator manufacturing. However, some people do not know about the elevator profile cold bending machine. In this article, we will give a certain introduction to the cold bending machine, hope it will be helpful to you.

  • The characteristics of the elevator profile cold bending machine.

  • The company has a cold bending machine for elevator profiles.

The characteristics of the elevator profile cold bending machine.

The cold bending forming machine is a machine that continuously bends metal plates such as coils, strips and other metal sheets to form a plastic processing process for specific cross-section profiles through sequential multi-pass forming rolls.

1. The principle of the average force of each pass of the cold bending machine, the average force of the rollers of the whole line, the wear is balanced, and the service life of the roller is extended.

2. The arc part of the cold bending machine track is the core part of the slide rail. The arc position after the first few passes is pressed and formed. When the vertical edge is rolled and folded in the later pass, the formed arc shall be carried out through the upper and lower rolls or horizontal wheels. Effective tube bundle protection, otherwise, the arc position of the material will definitely change during the stretching process, R becomes a triangle, the steel ball is not to the bottom, two-point contact will produce noise, when the R becomes larger, the matching rail will shake, and the track will be used when the slide rail is used. Fuzzy, uneven force, deformation of the slide rail, shortening the life.

3. Rolling stability of the cold bending machine. The problem of material deflection in the raceway is often encountered during production. In fact, a single set of rollers is asymmetrical, the left side is stressed, and the material deflection to the right; Large, the material is swayed to the left

Our company has a cold bending machine for elevator profiles.

Our company (Zhang Yun Machinery) specializes in the research and development and manufacture of advanced multi-material, multi-thickness, multi-shape cold bending forming machines, special equipment for auxiliary processing of elevator guide rails, and non-standard automated production lines. Our high-performance roll forming system can process a large number of different types of high-quality profiles. Our company specializes in manufacturing cold bending machines, high-frequency welded pipe equipment, and elevator guide rail auxiliary processing equipment. It is a solid pioneer in the field of non-standard automated production lines, providing users with a combination of more advanced design concepts and laboratory instrument testing systems.

If you are more interested in the products of our company (Zhangyun Machinery), you can visit our company to check the products of the cold-formed forming machine, or you can make an appointment for the cold-formed forming machine. Looking forward to your visit, I wish you success in your work.

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